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One person killed and 8 injured in inter-communal violence in Juba.

By Simon Deng

One person has been killed and 10 injured in clashes between suspected Murle and Anyuak communities in Konyokonyo in Juba according to police.

Jay Adingora former Minister of Information in Greater Pibor Administrative Area says the fighting is a result of politicians inciting the public.

“This is purely politically motivated act, it is politicians who are behind all these attacks.” Said Jay.                                  

The United Nations warns that South Sudan is experiencing increase sub-national violence but the many of the clashes have been far away from the capital Juba.

 “Now the killing of innocence civilians in IDP camp is actually something that we condemn, it is unfortunate and we want the government to investigate this issue,” Said Jay

However, Pastor Jobi Othalla,community leader for Anyuak says the violence is purely a inter-communal affair coming as a result of revenge attacks.

He said there were clashes between Anyuak people and Murle at the border area between the two communities and relatives of those affected by the violence began fighting in Konyokonyo.

“This is a communal violence,when we say,it is political,it is when people are struggling for power and positions but Anyuak doesn’t demand  for any position starting from Greater Pibor Administrative Area to National level.” Said Pastor Jodi

The police say it has moved those injured to the hospital for treatment.

“The police intervene at night when the fighting started, our forces went there, we took one person who was critically injured then he died on the way to hospital and we managed to reach with eight injured people to the hospital, we mange to arrest 4 suspects, the initial investigation shows misunderstanding between two people, we are still investigating, the situation is right now very calm, the fighting was actually between two guys, it developed to involve two communities.” Said South Sudan’s Police spokesperson, Major General, Daniel Justin Buolo

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