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James Hoth Mai, National Minister for labor

South Sudan to set minimum wage for employers

By Simon Deng

South Sudan’s government on Monday said will soon be setting up minimum that shall be implemented by all employers in the private sector and humanitarian agencies operating in the country.

This was revealed by James Hoth Mai, the Minister for Labor on his arrival in Juba after attending meeting of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland. 

“As the government we are working on the minimum wage, we do not have minimum wage it is only employers that decide what to give to employees. We are working now to collect information about everybody working either in NGOs or in companies,” Mai told journalists.

This ILO conference was attended by 187 countries and 4000 participants.

Mai said that the conference called on member countries to implement fully ILO principles and standards that include, social, economy, employment in general and apprenticeship dealing with skills development.

“The occupational safety and health was actually recognized as one of the major issue affecting workers around the world, our workers are really suffering because of the environment of work and abuse in work places,” he disclosed.

He revealed that the government plans to establish labor governance in all the 10 states and three administrative areas.

 “We want to make sure that we know all workers in the country, whether aliens or nationals, formal or informal sector, most importantly we also need social protection for our workers,” Mai said. 

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