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Chairperson of Business Community, Ayii Duang Ayii addressed journalists at a press conference in Juba on Saturday [Photo by Awan]

South Sudan’s tycoon advises locals to engage in farming

By Awan Achiek

South Sudanese tycoon Ayii Duang Ayii has urged South Sudanese to opt for agriculture since the country’s oil proceeds have been sold in advance up to 2027.

Duang who is the Chairperson of South Sudan Business Community, said Saturday that South Sudanese should not put all their hopes on the oil windfall since it’s capital intensive and does not provide enough employment opportunities.

His remarks came in the aftermath of the recent disclosure by the Minister of Finance, Agak Achuil that the transitional unity government couldn’t pay civil servants regularly because the country’s oil proceeds have been sold in advance.

 “We have other goods that we can export besides oil, and these goods can give us hard currency. Let us forget about oil and turn to agriculture,” Duang told journalists in Juba.

He said that the government sold out the oil proceeds to pay off loans.

“There were problems that led to selling of oil in advance, it is normal and not only 5 years and other countries have gone up to 30 years,” he said.

 “Agriculture would have been taken seriously long time ago. Now suddenly the oil is sold and people have to forget about oil and engage in other activities like growing sesame, fishing and livestock that can also bring in money,” he added.

He also urged the government to focus on easing the high cost of doing business to attract foreign investments.

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