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Wesley Welebe Samson, the Assistant Chief of Defense Forces for Logistics.

South Sudan factions urged to end hostilities for unity 

By Simon Deng

The South Sudan army (SSPDF) and various opposition forces have been urged to speed up unification of their rank and file to conclude implementation of the security arrangements.

Wesley Welebe Samson, the Assistant Chief of Defense Forces for Logistics after the unified army command was recently named has called on all parties to end hostilities in order to accomplish the task of unifying their forces.

“The peace agreement is now holding and with the peace process underway we have critical tasks ahead, there is no need to return to war,” said Welebe at a party held in his Gudele residence on Wednesday.

He called on the parties to forgive each other in order to achieve cohesion and unity.

Under the 2018 revitalized peace deal, South Sudan is supposed to graduate and unify 83,000 forces.

 “Peace has brought us together and we need to work for peace, war is not good, we have all felt the effect of war whether you are from SPLA-IO the tasks for you now is to help your people and your country,” said Welebe.

South Sudan descended into conflict in December 2013 pitting troops loyal to President Kiir and those loyal to his vice president Riek Machar.

The conflict killed tens of thousands and displaced millions of people, causing one of the worst humanitarian crisis since the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

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