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Omiaha Kingdom of Lopit completes generational power handover

By Tapeng Michael Ohure
The Omaiha Kingdom of the Lopit ethnic group have completed a generational power handover.
The ceremony was completed on Saturday in a routine hifira held at the king’s farm called Achalili in Ibonni in Eastern Equatoria State.
The new generation was named Maa (swarm of locust) by Lopit King Alifa Omoro.
During the ceremony, a new fire, which signifies a new generation will take over the affairs of the tribe was lit to replace the old one which was put off on the night of January 14 and a black bull was as well chocked to death by the new generation to signify a guide towards peace and serenity.
Addressing the event, Gamaliel Oturbong, a member of the new generation, noted that “power must be handed over to a new generation, for to say, the outgoing generation of Iboyo II (Boro) are no longer fit to physically handle the community affairs.”
“They have reached their lowest,” Oturbong said.
“We are now all set physically, mentally, and internally to face the challenges this new generation will pose us.”
The former Governor of the defunct Imatong state, Nartisio Oluke Manir who is a member of the outgoing generation, graced the event and pledged continued support to their successors.
“Come to us whenever you face a challenge. We will be there to guide you as your dear elders,” Manir told them.
Omiaha Kingdom implements a 22-year calendar round of hifira meaning the new generation will decide on community matters until 2044.
In the years 1978 and 2000, Tuhet II and Boro respectively were initiated by Queen Hohoro Omoro I.
After her death in 2015, Alifa Omoro took over.
On the 15th January 2022, he presided over the initiation as the 9th King of the OMIAHA Kingdom.
The event was decorated by the representatives from state and LOPA county.
O.I. Pentecoste, a Lopit community member cautioned the new generation to “never sleep but to straightaway chart the way for their future.”
“The hope of the community of the Omiaha is in the new generation. There are a lot of socio-economic and political affairs affecting the community which were not fully addressed by the outgoing generation,” Pentecoste said.
OMIAHA Kingdom covers Ibonni, Ibahure, Imuluha, Ohilang, Ibele, Atarangi and Hidonge Malangit villages.

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