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People living with disabilities decry societal discrimination

By Ruot George 

Persons living with disabilities have decried what they described as “painful discrimination” by the society.

They said such discrimination happens mostly within family set ups and through rigid cultural practices.

Speaking to journalists, Benson Mubarak Luois, one of the persons living with disabilities in Juba said discrimination against people with disabilities is common and takes different forms.

He said virtually impaired people are often discouraged from attending school and doing their domestic activities at an alarming rate.

 “We have discrimination in any places, people in our families will says we cannot do anything Everyday some people can say you are just a blind person, you cannot go to school and you can just settle at home”.

Benson says it traumatizing to be discriminated especially when you are determined to achieve a person goal.

“Sometimes this makes me not to eat because it pains a lot, I cannot even sleep well,” he says.

Benson who is a student at Rejab Educational Centre for the visually Impaired Persons said  discrimination and negative attitude toward people living with disabilities is worse in South Sudan.

“In South Sudan, people cannot treat us well. They believe we cannot write, read and that you cannot do anything in your life,” he said.

Benson appeals to families and the general public to stop negative attitude towards people living with disabilities.

“At home if you want to wash your clothes, they ask if you can see, if you want to go to school they will say, which eye will you use?

The government of South Sudan does not have a clear welfare policy for the people living with disabilities.

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