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Cleric says greed left South Sudan a refugee crisis, 2022 needs turnaround

By Tapeng Michael Ohure
Oil rich South Sudan, a promising country 11 years ago is a new global refugee crisis, only comparing with Afghanistan and Syria in the number of citizens that fled conflict, a concern expressed by the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Juba, Santo Laku.The conflict that began in December 2013 left 400,000 people dead, displaced four million, with more than half leaving South Sudan for the relative peace in neighboring countries.For those holed up in the country, a dire humanitarian situation befalls them.”We have our people in the refugee camps all over the region yet we have the oil,” Laku said during a sermon on New Year day.A multitude gathered at the lead Catholic church to welcome 2022.Laku warned them that greed is endemic in South Sudan and continues to be the driver of insecurity and other woes.”Because of greed, we have sent them away,” he reminded them of the refugees.Laku called on the citizens to put aside the belief in guns as a means of life and embrace the culture of peace.”I don’t think South Sudan needs guns at the moment but peace through charity for the people,” he said. “We have to be peaceful to one another so that our people who have fled the country can come back.”Laku urged the country to turnaround from conflict and embrace peace as it steps into 2022.”Why do we refuse each other, why do you hate each other, why do we fight each other,? He lamented, adding “because we don’t want charity.”f

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