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Eastern Equatoria State Minister of Trade and Industry, Ruth Marious Buga displaying samples of harmful alcohol banned in the State

South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State bans sale of harmful liquor

By Kidega Livingstone

Authorities in South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State have banned consumption and sale of harmful alcohol in a bid to deter domestic violence and crimes.

Louis Lobong Lojore, Governor of Eastern Equatoria issued Executive Order read on local radio in Torit banning sale of harmful liquor, in addition to regulating sugar trade in the State .

Among the 32  harmful alcoholic drinks banned include Takaya, star Gin, Guu spirit ,London No.1, Royal Special Gin, Mater Gin ,B-52 Gin, Bond 7, V&A , Royal No.1 vodka, Cheer Vodka  , Gilbeys Gin , Smirnoff vodka  ,Asimara , Lion Extra Strong, Vodka mix ,Royal Blue  ,Prime Vodka ,White Tusker Vodka, Mambuka, Premium vodka, Fly Coconut vodka ,Prime Kiss vodka , Ice Palace Vodka, Prime Vodka, Flirat Vodka, and Golden Dry Gin.

The order also noted that sale of sugar shall be regulated by the State Ministry of Trade and Industry.

In addition, it restricts the time of opening of bars across the counties in the State starting from 5:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M.

The authorities banned sale of alcohol to persons under 18 years of age.


According to the order “Any companies or individual who violate the order shall be fined one million South Sudanese Pounds and imprisonment. Owners of Kiosks who violate this order shall be fined one hundred South Sudanese Pounds and imprisonment,” it noted.

 It further said that operation licenses and trading licenses for repeated violators of the order shall be revoked.

It added that this order shall be implemented by the State Secretariat General, Ministry of Trade and Industry , Ministry of Local Government and Law  Enforcement, the legal administration, Judiciary and all the Security Organs.  

On August 16, 2021 the State government banned importing of spirit gin giving traders 40 days ultimatum to exhaust all their stocks.

Emmanel Oryema, civil society activist based in the state, said that the order must not contradict the available laws of South Sudan.

He added the ban is timely in order to deter alcohol abuse that has led to violence among youth in the state.

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