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he government of South Sudan says it paid $1.5million to the East African Community as membership fees. It confirmed that it paid the money using swift transfer to the East African Community account in Tanzania but not by cheque as reported by some media outlets The governor of Bank of South Sudan Bank, Dier Tong said “I want to take this opportunity really to correct some misinformation that I saw this morning in the newspaper that there is a cheque of $1.5million that was paid to East Africa and that the cheque bounced. That is misinformation.” He Continued, “First of all we don’t pay East African Community by cheque, we don’t make international payments by cheque, we don’t write cheque to East African Community or to any person that we are paying abroad, we wire the money by swift and we cannot send a swift when we know that there is no money in the account. I know very well when this amount was paid, I am aware about it.” Governor Dier Tong say under his leadership, South Sudan’s apex bank is putting across several economic reforms to tackle the current economic challenges in the country but that it will take time before positive results are realized by the common man. The bank also says its primary objective now is to unify the official exchange rate with the market rate. “The fall in the global oil prices as a result of the covid-19 Pandemic, desert locust invasion and flooding have continued to weaken South Sudan’s economy in-spite of the reforms the Central Bank is putting in place.” Said Dier. On Wednesday the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a disbursement of $174.2 million to South Sudan under the Rapid Credit Facility (RCF) to address economic challenges the country faces due impact of Covid-19. The money is a loan that will be refunded in bits without interest rate according to the Central Bank Governor.
Central Bank officials deliver press statement on the payment of $1.5 million to the EAC

Jonglei authorities to produce Clinical officer’s murderer before law

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon, Juba 

The authorities in Jonglei State said they would trace the assassin who murdered a clinical officer last week in Payut area of Duk County. 

Maj. Gen. Joseph Mayen Akoon, the State’s Police Commissioner affirmed that his Office was aware of the incident and that they would take necessary measures to track the person and produce him before the court. 

“The killing is a different case and adultery is a different case, so the killer must face the law if he is found,” he told Juba Echo in an exclusive interview, noting that the search was ongoing.  

On July 27, a clinical officer identified as Mabior Manyok Ader was reportedly beaten to death in Duk area after he committed adultery, according to the locals. 

But before the assassination, a report indicates that the deceased was found guilty of adultery in the customary court and that he was judged based on customary findings. 

In nutshell, he was ordered to serve three months imprisonment term and pay a fine of six cows, but what transpired later isn’t yet clear. 

However, Maj. Gen Mayen revealed that they were surprisingly informed after the killing occurred last week. 

“The wife of that person who killed the Clinical Officer enticed into a relationship with the officer, and it was settled locally in the customary court,” he narrated. 

“But what happened lastly is what I don’t know. It was just a surprise. So we are working on it to make any possible arrest,” the State Senior Police Official stated. 

Maj. Gen Akook admitted that the murderer was still at large following the incident. 

Payut Payam of Duk County is quite far from the State’s headquarters Bor Town where the police authorities based.

But the local authorities in Duk revealed that they were also investigating whereabouts the slayer so that he would be produced before the law. 

Related incident 

In 2020, a civilian killed someone in the same Duk County, but run instantly and he has not been found up to now.

It is not clear how would the police authorities trace the person whose whereabouts remain a nightmare.

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