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Health officials call the public to donate blood

By Staff writer
South Sudan’s Health Ministry on Thursday called on the general public to donate blood to save life of people.
Speaking during the launching of the blood donation campaign organized by Medblue and National Transfusion services, two private medical facilities, Victoria Achut, the Director of National Blood Transfusion services called upon the entire people in the country to donate blood to save life.
“We are urging our people out there to change their mentality about blood donation and understand that to give blood doesn’t mean that it will negatively affect your health, there are criteria set by blood transfusion services when donating blood, you can donate blood to save life. ”Said Achut.
She revealed that a blood bank in the capital Juba lacks blood and staff.
“We have to donate blood because blood is not manufactured, if we don’t donate, we will not save life.” Added Achut
Dr. Khalsa Yangama Case management specialist at Med Blue Laboratory said the blood donation campaign aims at getting blood for the government facility that is mandated to keep blood.
“We came up with this so that everybody donates blood to save life,” Said Khalsa.
Shortage of blood is a leading cause of death in South Sudan’s main hospital.Patients, especially pregnant women and new mothers, are dying because of lack of blood according to health records.

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