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South Sudan registers decline in livestock numbers

By Staff Writer.

A South Sudanese Livestock Expert has welcomed the latest announcement of the number of Livestock in South Sudan by the Revitalised Transitional Government of Nationality Unity (R-TGoNU) following a cabinet meeting yesterday.

Government’s Spokesperson Michael Makuei Lueth told reporters after the council of ministers meeting on Friday this week that South Sudan has a total of 11.7 million cattle, 12.1 million sheep, 12.4 million goats and 5 million chickens.

He says the statistics were provided by Onyoti Adigo, the Minister for animal resources and fisheries.

Achikule Alex, a livestock expert and consultant with JICA says livestock are an important resource if properly utilized and would help avert the current food insecurity situation in South Sudan.

“Yes, this statistics is good for strategic planning of the programs related to livestock subsector development in the country both to the government and its partners.”


According to a Food and Agriculture Administration (FAO) report on 28th August 2018, “South Sudan’s livestock population is estimated at 12 million cattle, 20 million sheep and 25 million goats according to the National Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Industry, making it a world leader in terms of animal wealth per capita”

It is not clear what has caused the decline in the latest data and what methodologies were used to estimate the numbers.

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